This is a collection of information relative to more than one nation on the African Continent and to the African Diaspora as well. See also Bridge Blog Index#Africa.

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Multi- author English language blog about culture, art, food, travel, architecture, literature. Primary writer is French born Algerian who is a culinary instructor. Other writers include Clifford Wright, Paula Wolfert, Rachel Lauden with more writers signing up weekly

  • Africa Unchained (*)
    A platform for analysing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey's latest book 'Africa Unchained'.
  • [ global clashes] Information to avoid a clash of civilizations
  • African Update a source for news, information, commentary, and discussion about Africa.
  • Africabeat Features news clips and commentary on political, social, and cultural happenings in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Annansi Chronicles Annansi Chronicles reports on the styles, trends, and individuals ushering in a contemporary definition of Africa..
  • Investing in Africa A running conversation on news and developments in Africa's stock markets.

KameelahWrites: Political commentary, analysis and satire on Africa, South Africa and the African Diaspora. Written by a 21-year old (orthodox) Black Muslim woman born in America (but not American identifying, rather diasporically identifying), living in Johannesburg completing independent research.