Sorry guys, I'll clean this up soon. This is just some rough copying and pasting:

  1. Eduardo Avila (USA/Bolivia) - I’ve always thought there was a natural division between Central America (I’ve always considered Mexico to be Central America, even though that it is not), the Caribbean Latin countries and South America. However, there could also be further divisions in S.A. with the Andean countries, Mercosur countries Brasil. I would include Guyana and Belice within the Caribbean culture, for a lack of a better place to place them.
  1. Moises Kirch (Mexico) - There are many ways to divide America… if you are going to keep Mexico as North America then you a have a language problem. Maybe you should take a look at how many websites your actually going to keep track off. And then decide a way to divide them on an equal amount. Maybe it would be better to divide them by topic, or some other type of division.
  1. Nicholas Laughlin (Trinidad and Tobago) - Ah, the confusing zone where cultural