Here is a list of people with author access to the GV blog with languages they speak other than English, broken down by region.

If you give author access to new people please add them to the appropriate section of this list.

For people's emails see:

South AsiaEdit

Rashmi Sinha (based in U.S. - not sure which languages exactly but assume Hindi and maybe Urdu and any number of other possibilities)

Rezwan - Bangladeshi blogger, (Bengali and etc?)

Neha Viswanathan - (Hindi, Tamil, Basic Malayalam, Basic French)

Frederick Noronha - Indian journalist and geek.

Kiruba Shankar - Indian Blogger (Tamil ?)

Kamla Bhatt - Indian Blogger

Uma - Indian Blogger

Omer Alvie - Pakistani Blogger in UAE


David Sasaki (Spanish)

Colin Brayton and Neuza Paranhos (Brazilian Portuguese)

Iria Puyosa Venezuelan, (Spanish)

Eduardo Avila To be joining in early October. Bolivian-American. (Spanish)


Hossein Derakhshan (Persian; Iran Blogsphere) (?)

Karim Elsahy - (Arabic; Egypt Blogsphere) (?)

Farid Pouya (Persian; Iran Blogsphere) (active)

Mohamed Marwen Meddah (Arabic, French; Tunisia Blogsphere) (active)

Ahmed (Arabic; Saudi Arabia Blogsphere) (active)

Roba Al Assi (Arabic; Jordan Blogsphere) (active)

Bader (Arabic; Kuwait Blogsphere) (active)

Deborah Ann Dilley (Kurdish; Kurdistan and Turkey Blogsphere) (active)

Shaden (Arabic; Palestine Blogsphere) (active)

Sub-Saharan AfricaEdit

Atanu Garai

Ory Okolloh

Ndesanjo Macha - based in U.S. but blogs on Africa (Swahili)

E.Europe/Russia/Central Asia/CaucasusEdit

Nathan Hamm - actually based in the U.S. but blogs at Registan on former Soviet Block/Central Asia

East AsiaEdit

Isaac Mao - China. (Mandarin Chinese)

Yong Liu - China. (Mandarin)

Frank Dai - China (Mandarin)

Andrea Leung - actually based in Canada but blogs in Chinese (Mandarin)

Kevin Wen - China (Mandarin)

Jeff Ooi - Malaysia. (Bhasa Malaysia, Mandarin Chinese)

Mack Zulkifli - Malaysia (Bhasa Malaysia, etc?)

Kin Mun Lee - Singapore's "Mr. Brown" (Mandarin, "singlish")

Nevin Thompson - based in Canada but bridge blogs from Japanese.

Beth Kanter - based in Boston but blogs on Cambodia

Western EuropeEdit

Luke Razzell - (some Japanese?) based in London

Luisetta Mudie - (French, fluent Mandarin Chinese, some Arabic) may help us with some fill-in work between Paul's departure and the start of some of our editors

Andrea Monti - Italian. blogs at ICTLex on freedom of speech issues.

Sam Klein - based in Boston, follows German blogs


... (SOS!)

U.S./Canada BasedEdit

Jim Moore - Cambridge, MA. blogs on Sudan.

Rachel Barenblat - (French) Ethan's wife

Andy Carvin - head of Digital Divide Network

Sam Klein - wikipedian, based at Harvard (also follows German and S. American blogs)

Derek Bambauer - Berkman Center expert on filtering & internet censorship worldwide

Amanda Michel - Berkman Ctr. publicity person. speaks some french and is willing to help out sometimes. Also speaks German and Dutch.

Zephyr Teachout - Berkman Ctr fellow. (French) offered to help but has been too busy.

Boris Anthony - the one and only.

Kiki- (French) blog on France, Europe, and the world