This is a workspace for the people involved with the Berkman Center's Global Voices efforts. If you're not working specifically on the set of projects that Berkman is putting together under the Global Voices banner, this is probably not where you want to be. If you are - welcome!

To do - March - May 2005Edit

  • Flesh out the BridgeBlog index. This will involve filling at least fifty of the nations with content, as well as a concerted push to promote the index. We still need to resolve questions of the relationship between the index and and wikipedia.
  • Relaunch the Global Voices weblog with regularly updated content. This will require a redesign with new templates, choosing a final URL for the blog to live under, an upgrade to the most recent version of WordPress, as well as a concerted effort to develop new content.
  • Polish the WeblogWorkshop curiculum for use at workshops locally and internationally.
  • Articles on Bridge Blogging (EthanZ), Watch Blogging (RMack)

Global Voices blog, revisitedEdit

Ideas for regular features on the new blog include:

  • BridgeBlogger profiles - text, picture and audio interviews with great bridgebloggers. (User:EthanZ has committed to doing the first one with Owukori.) Format will include bio data on the blogger, great posts from her blog, motivations for blogging, etc.
  • Country or regional roundups - "hub" bloggers - bridgebloggers who are well connected in their geographic areas - will provide an overview of the major issues that have been discussed in the local blogosphere (2-3 news stories), a best blog post of the month, and a "promising newcomer". (RMack has committed to doing the first one, probably focusing on China.)
  • Watchblogs - news from blogs that watch repressive/isolated corners of the world.
  • Breaking news - Important new blogs, events that affect the global voices community, arrests/detentions, etc.
  • Tools corner - reviews of new tools, how-to articles.
  • Contests/Reader participation - fun features designed to get readers to interact with us.

Further outEdit

As Global Voices grows, we're interested in the entire process from creating content to distributing it, including the legal and technical issues that surround the production and dissemination chain. Our hope is map the ecosystem of international weblogging and provide assistance only in areas where other groups aren't already running successful projects.

We're likely to pursue projects in the following areas:

  • Regional blog aggregation. While some active blog aggregators exist in regions with active blogger communities, areas that have few blogs rarely have aggregators. We may want to consider bringing the BlogAfrica project in house and potentially starting aggregators for other poorly-served regions like Central Asia.