Beth Kanter [1]

Angelo Embuldeniya [2]

Paola Di Maio Notes from post

Dan Gillmor [3]

Dina Mehta [4]

Haitham Sabbah Sabbah's Blog & GVO MENA Editor

David Sasaki - Americas Regional Editor

Neha Viswanathan - South Asia Regionl Editor [5]

Critt Jarvis - Hull, Massachusetts [6]

Ndesanjo Macha - [7], Blogging Instructions in Swahili, [8]

Hossein Derakhshan - [9]

Curt Hopkins - [10]

Eduardo Avila - barrio flores, Bolivian GVO author

Stavros Rougas - [11] interest in CIS

Jennifer Brea - Volunteer author

Ethan Zuckerman - [12]

Farid Pouya - GV Persian Editor

Mary Joyce - Santiago, Chile

Pat Hall - [13]

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