About the CID's 2005 "Bridge Builders" Edit


There are 7 bridge builders, 3 of whom don't speak English and 2 of whom never use computers (and have a hard time relating to how they could be useful). In vageuly descending order of affinity for GV:

  • ADELARD |BLACKMAN. Dene Nation. Devotes himself to publicizing his nation's case against Canada (the first native american nation to be heard by the ICJ), scheduled to be heard in 2007. Lovely person, large network. Would love to talk to people at Berkman, but is in New York Thursday.
  • EDUARDO JOSE GAMEZ - Nicaragua, COMPALCITH. Interested in connecting with other groups and cultures; would like to meet to discuss GV. Coordinates project-development with a new-york based nonprofit. Speaks only Spanish.
  • ANNA OPANASYUK - Ukraine. AIDS Foundation East-West, where she manages national mass-media campaigns. Made other plans, independently? (also couldn't make dinner last night)
  • CAMILA RODRIGUEZ - Bolivia. Head of regional worker's union. Interested in developing local telecenters... should make better contact. Speaks only Spanish.
  • CHETNA SINHA - Canada; working with microfinance in India. Could be interested in GV; doesn't yet see how it would be helpful to her.
  • MARGARITA - Ecuador, indigenous communities. Working on women's and children's rights. Speaks only Spanish.
  • KETTY OPOKA - Uganda, works with AIDS victims and orphans through her organization that coordinates support groups. Lives far from the nearest computer; doesn't see how they would help her or the people around her. Doesn't like dessert.