There are a few things to look for in selecting sources for this index. Not every source written by someone in a region, or about a place, is suitable for the page about that place.

  • Topicality. A source that is from Belarus but only talks about the latest Vogue fashions, is not usually bridge content.
  • Freshness. A source that was last updated in October 2003 is probably not a good source.

What to look forEdit

Try to include the following information next to each link:

  • Type of content: what kinds of content can you find on the source? Personal journals [Personal], political and war blogs [Politics], regional news, social commentary [News], other? List as many of these kinds of tags as possible.
  • Format of content: text is the default. If a source includes lots of images, or audio/video, add [Photo], [Audio], [Video] respectively.
  • Language : note all languages content is regularly written in.
  • Author[s]: if you can find information about the authors, such as where they live (if different from the area written about), where else they publish, or generally what they do (in school, teenager, law, media, teacher, gov't official, etc), add a brief note to that effect.

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