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This is a collection of local flavor and sources of information about China(中国大陆), with a focus on individual voices. Please add other sources below. See the Bridge Index style guide for advice on how to list new sources on this page. +/-



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Local blogsEdit

Chinese Language Blogs

English Language Blogs

A collaboration of lost laowai stumbling through their China experiences and sharing the results. Sometimes funny, sometimes biting, and sometimes even educational.

The discursive writings of a Canadian teaching English in Suzhou, China. Thoughts on culture, politics, food, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

A Qing historian reads the newspaper...

A 2006-2007 Fulbrighter's experiences, research, thoughts and photos.

Poop, bug eyed Pekingese dogs, bowel shattering food and other random stuff while in China.

Chinese society and culture from the perspective of a Filipino.

This is a supporting photoblog for Reflections Unlimited.

Putting China business news in context. Written by Jeremy Gordon of China Business Services.

Weblog with daily updates of the news on the emerging civil society in China, from the quirky perspective of Shanghai-based journalist Fons Tuinstra

A peculiar hybrid of personal journal, dilettantish punditry, pseudo-philosophy and much more, from an Accidental Expat who has made his way from Hong Kong to Beijing and finally to Singapore.

Danwei is a frequently updated website about media, advertising and urban life in China.

Chinese Superstitions

Living and Teaching in China

An American's experiences in Guangzhou. Also includes photos, video clips.

"In this blog I want to provide readers with interesting commentary on daily life in China. Specifically, that of a beginning student and part-time teacher in Nanjing."

American TEFL teacher experiences.

News stories, events and rants from China by somebody who actually lived there

An English man trying to find work in China and writing fiction.

Californian couple's experiences.

British teacher's tefl experiences out in the sticks.

"Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others')"

Commentary on China-related current events.

British twenty-something living, studying and playing in Beijing.

"Things happening in China ... or just in my life, view photos, get links to fun and weird websites, & lots more."

"The weblog of Benjamin Seeberger. I am a traveler, a teacher, and a student of the world. Life is a journey. This weblog is the culmination of the past into the present, the ideas malleable, transforming over time and place. As a weblog, this nexus represents part of the mind, a miniscule statement of being. Ideas are temporal, existing in subjective substance, flickering to life and death like flashes of sunlight. Treat this journey as such."

Chinese Internet and mobile market watch

The life of a young punk studying Chinese.

Daily review of People's Republic of China medias by a Masters Degree Law Student in Beijing.

One Canadian's Life in Shanghai People's Republic of China

American expat life.

"My life and thoughts as a teacher in rural China."

Life in China, Learning Chinese

Speaking of China Journal

Covered China's blogosphere, Technology and business blogging

  • The Three Ts English language blog writing about free speech and democracy in China, with reflections on the joys and tribulations of day-to-day life in the PRC, written by an English teacher from the UK
  • Status of Chinese People Updated news & special reports collection on China and ordinary Chinese people’s living condition

China human rights issues

Blue Skies China - environmental technology, engineering and finance from China

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Freedom of Speech InformationEdit