SJ Kelin is the main contact person for transcription.

What's happening now Edit

Conference time is upon us, so things should be happening on IRC channel. If you've got a laptop and are attending a session, please log onto the appropriate IRC channel in that room, the main IRC channel is #globalvoices on; if you're on the IRC channel and nobody's transcribing, go ahead and start. We'll collect the logs at the end of each day for cleanup and posting.

If you are currently live at Global Voices Online Summit 2006 with a laptop Edit

  1. Join the IRC channel at #globalvoices on using any of the methods listed in the wiki section which describes how to participate via IRC.
  2. If nobody else is transcribing yet, start typing notes from the conversation on the screen. If somebody is already transcribing, offer to help them, and if s/he agrees then start filling in the blank spots in their notes with your own.
  3. If a remote participant asks a question in the chat, reply in the chat that you are relaying their message, voice the remote participant's comment or question to the other people in the room, and then transcribe the question and its reply.

If there are any urgent problems with the IRC channel or any of the wireless routers, or if a WiFi Access Point becomes inaccessible or needs to be restarted, please contact [ Anthony] by email at boris.anthony[].

Please be advised that the IRC channel may be restarted at night if the need arises. Please copy the transcription of the session out of your IRC client and into the wiki. Do not assume that you will be able to retrieve your transcribed data from the IRC channel at some later date!

Transcripts - Coming SoonEdit

  • Day 1:

Saturday, December 16th: