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Volunteering is a big part of the annual Global Voices Online Summit.

As you can imagine, it takes many people to make this conference the very best it can be. The conference is a wonderful experience on its own, but is even more enjoyable when you are an integral part of it. Consider offering your talents, your creativity, and your skills to help push the boundaries of the world of blogging, showcase new technologies, and awake new opportunities.

As a conference volunteer, you will:

  • Work with other dedicated, talented, inspirational leaders and innovators across the globe
  • Participate in decisions and strategic development for the conference
  • Be instrumental in setting the conference vision
  • Cultivate your management skills by identifying and leading a related project and/or on-site volunteers

We are always looking for capable, enthusiastic, and committed people who wish to contribute their vision, knowledge, and energy to the most exciting annual bloggers and social media event in the world. Yes, volunteering means commitment and work, but also pleasure from assisting others and making long lasting friendships. You will discover that in helping others, you did make a difference!

How can I help Global Voices out? Where do I sign up?

There are lots of ways, outlined in detail on this page for bloggers who are interested in getting involved with Global Voices in the long term and as a journalist you will find lots of ways through which Global Voices will be useful to you.

If you're interested in helping out, please list below which areas you would like to be involved in. If you have any special skills that you think would be useful, tell us about those as well.

Feel free to email us with all your doubts, questions and suggestions, that said, constructive criticism is most appreciated.