Project Description Edit

From John Palfrey

I think it should in essence be a web-based narrative, that tells the developing story of where we are in the trajectory of the Internet's impact on democracy worldwide. I'd start the thread with last year's conference ( and pull in through to a new site that we create for this year's conference (all three days). For starters, I think it should be a repository for cool stuff created by attendees, those we invite and who happen to blog about it and those like Ben Walker doing something more polished. I think it should have, if possible, text, audio, video, and images. I'd employ an aggregator for sure ("blogging about the events? send us your rss feed(s) and we'll include them"). I think it should be a living thing that self-updates through the work of others in the field, and should have some centerpieces (Ben's work, e.g.) that persists.

Most of all it should be fun.