Global Voices has been blown away by the interest in our JSS feeds, which allow bloggers to publish recent RSS headlines on their blogs quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, some blog hosting services don't allow users to insert javascript code into their templates because of security issues. Here we'll go through workarounds for a few services to help you get the same functionality without using JSS specifically.

Wordpress.comEdit strips all javascript out of templates to avoid exploits. We'll get around this by using their built-in RSS widget instead. It won't look exactly like the JSS feeds but you'll be able to impress all your Global friends with it nonetheless.

  • 1 - Log into your account and go to your dashboard/admin interface.
  • 2 - Go to the "Presentation" tab, then the "Sidebar Widgets" tab within that.
  • 3 - Drag the box that says "RSS 1" from the "available widgets" section up to the "Sidebar" section.
  • 4 - Go to the GV RSS Feeds page and copy the url of the RSS feed you want syndicated on your blog.
  • 5 - back in your Widgets page, click on the small icon on the right side of your RSS widget in the metaphorical sidebar.
  • 6 - Paste the URL of the RSS feed into the top box and the name you want to appear above the feed on the sidebar into the second box.
  • 7 - Close the popup and click "Save Changes" on the right.

Here's an image with some details:

You should now have the feed of your choice on your sidebar!


Oops, we don't actually have any other services yet. There's a strong likelihood you could find your own method of embedding an RSS feed into your blog (search google for "[yourblogservice embed RSS feed").

If we get enough interest we'll make more tutorials, contact "webmaster" with details and we'll see what we can do.

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