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How to participate Edit

Please take a moment to create an account and skim the help page before editing. Other ways you to participate:

Writing content Edit

Please see our writing for translation guidelines before contributing text or translations to the site.


Translations Edit

Please visit our translation process guidelines and read How to Write for Translation before tackling translations.

We need translations of the Global Voices Manifesto; please see the language links at the top of that page to see which languages we are missing, or to proofread languages you know.

We're in need of translation into Chinese, Japanese, Persian, and any number of other languages... please feel free to take on the task if you have the skills.

Also, please check out our new Lingua project.

BridgeBlog IndexEdit

We're working on an index of BridgeBlogs around the world. If you are interested in documenting the community of BridgeBlogs in one or more nations, please join in and lend a hand.

The Infrastructure of DemocracyEdit

The Infrastructure of Democracy: Strengthening the Open Internet for a Safer World

Participants at the Madrid Conference on Democracy, Terrorism and Security - and the web as a whole - are welcome to help us edit this set of recommendations, called The Infrastructure of Democracy, which concern use of the Internet in the fight against terrorism.

Related projectsEdit

Providing and distributing tools & trainingEdit

  • BlogAfrica - Weblog aggregator hosted by AllAfrica, could be more than an aggregator and provide support for bloggers.
  • Publish and be damned, a UK and Canada based service that provides authors with all the tools they need to publish and sell their own books, bypassing traditional as well as vanity or subsidy publishers by becoming publishers themselves. Publish and be damned is working with the Creative Commons License Movement, the UK ISBN agency, ABCTales and other organisations to enable authors from all backgrounds to appear in print.
  • Bloggers Without Borders - A blogging project/hub, dedicated to providing among other things an infrastructure that cannot be blocked by governments or organizations. (See also below, under 'fostering communities')
  • Bloggercorps - a new project, still in its infancy, that aims to match up activist groups that want to learn how to blog with blogger-volunteers willing to teach them.
  • Civiblog - "a project to give free blogs to people working on global civil society. This ties in well with Global Voices. The project is run by Citizen Lab (home of the infamous Catspaw) and is sponsored by Tucows and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation."

Translation projectsEdit

Collecting and preserving [existing] contentEdit

  • The Rosetta Project - Help them get audio files, images, and texts from people and languages around the world.
  • Public Domain / free-licensed content preservation/distribution
    • Project Gutenberg, distributed proofreaders(for producing PG texts), Wikisource (for source docs, their translations, and annotation in various languages)
    • Similar projects for non-text media (cf. projects, ...)

Gathering storiesEdit

  • StoryCorps, a joint project of NPR and New York City to encourage people to find and tell stories they encounter - with an interview booth for the public to use in Grand Central Station, and Storykits for would-be interviewers to use at home.
  • Progreso progress—discussion of an idea for blog networks that span the business chain within social enterprises, allowing all the organisation's stakeholders to tell their own stories in their own spaces yet also within the organisation's overall brand-space.

Fostering communities around [new] knowledge sharingEdit

  • Libertas Newsmagazine, Libertas Libertas a Philippines newsmagazine having the objective of knowledge sharing and participatory journalism. Distributed Free.
  • Bloggers Without Borders - Bloggers without Borders is a citizen journalism hub, dedictated to raising conscience for, and about, events around the world. We use the tools and exposure of modern citizen journalism as a means to lend a hand in the creation of awareness and outbound information management. Also providing an infrastructure that cannot be blocked by governments or organizations.
  • Metroblogging - Creating a global community of hyper-local city sites.
  • Digital Divide Network - A deep and dynamic network of people concerned about bridging the digital divide.
  • NowPublic - "At NowPublic, bloggers can convert their work into photo assignments, recruit local volunteers and even set budgets for material they would like to feature. The NowPublic community votes to prioritize assignments and filters real time coverage emerging from eyewitnesses and people close to the real story. Photographers can submit and circulate their work while safely managing their images using NowPublic's smart media format. Readers of NowPublic get a fresh look at events and can compare real time, breaking stories from the blogging community to coverage from other news media."
  • A site focused on the expressions of and connections between individuals via text (blogs), audio (podcasts) and video (videoblogging), with a wiki devoted to helping others seize upon the tools to create.

Meta-discussion and publicityEdit