1. breaking news
  2. announcements
  3. film
  4. music
  5. photography
  6. media
  7. travel
  8. food
  9. history
  10. literature
  11. relief & rescue
  12. humanitarian
  13. religion
  14. gender **
  15. sexuality - I dont understand this term? what does it mean? If it is supposed to be an alternative for LGBT it doesnt work! **
    1. Sokari: Wikipedia-Human Sexuality , it is not meant as a repalcement for LGBT, but rather LGBT are aspects of human sexuality. If anything, I am in favor of having separate labels for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender, if we're going to have any at all that go deeper than just "sexuality"...
  16. environment
  17. health
  18. science
  19. technology
  20. governance
  21. war/conflict
  22. human rights
  23. freedom of speech
  24. diaspora (this is meaningful if also categorized with a country/region. there are too many different diasporas to have separate tags for each of them IMHO)
  25. indigenous
  26. race (oso likes "ethnicity" more than race)

Just a thought - how about Children or Child Rights? However, if you think that's covered by Human Rights - That's cool too. --Nehavish 12:01, 9 Jan 2006 (EST)

other points from irc:

  1. business (covers stuff like public offerings, but even MSN in China) JelloWorld
  2. economics (this is separate from business in that this is macro stuff like government policies, subsidies) JelloWorld
  3. visual arts - perhaps should be simply "arts" to accomodate things like dance, which aren't catered for elsewhere --Georgiap 16:20, 9 Jan 2006 (EST)
  4. law (& crime separately or is crime under law?) JelloWorld
  5. indigenous
  6. race

Thinking about "development" as a category as well if that's not ill-defined. JelloWorld