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Bold text===Tanzanian blogs in Kiswahili: Please arrange alphabetically=== A - C

  • kamala J Lutatinisibwa - Tanzanian youth activist blogging from various parts of East Africa -based in Dar es salaam
  • [1]- Tanzanian blogger in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

D - F

( Fikra Jadidi - Tanzania Blogger in Dar es Salaam G - I

  • Hazina Fikrani - Tanzanian blogger in Bulyanhulu, Shinyanga, Tanzania.
  • Harakati - Tanzanian blogger in Toronto/Mississauga, Canada.
  • Ibrahim Bwire - Bwire writing from Tanzania.

J - L

M - O

[2]-Tanzanian blogger in Dar es salaam,Tanzania. P - S

T - Z

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* For more fabulous fashion, world class styles and many more visit- Babymegspa blog

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  • Eliamani Laltaika Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) researcher and blogger in Munich Germany (English/Swahili with photos)
  • Eng Daniel Makundi - Engineer. (Kiswahili/English).
  • Florence3 - Tanzanian female blogger working in PR/Advertising industry (Kiswahili/English).
  • Kasyome-Tanzanian young male blogger,blogging from Kigoma/Dar es Salaam (Kiswahili/English)
  • Indigenous Knowledge Bank -Tanzanian teacher based in the commercial capital, Dar Es Salaam (Kiswahili/English).
  • Kifimbocheza, focusing on whatever takes his interest (Swahili/English).
  • Mtafiti - Tanzanian student in Texas (Kiswahili/Kichagga).
  • My Bits, Hints, and Tips - Fatma Karama blogging from the UK(Kiswahili/English).
  • Peter John - Tanzanian Commmunication engineer.
  • Miriam - Cooking lessons and tips by [4] Miriam
  • My Africa - Tanzania News.
  • Mwinyimbegu- Mwinyimbegu, blogging in Swahili and English
  • SaHaRa Soulfood - Tanzanian designer blogging from Dar es Salaam - ranting out loud at last!
  • Tanzania Development

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  • MvuvI - Political Interested and Free Minded person.
  • Freeman Mbowe - Chairman of the opposition, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo.
  • Dr. Wilbrod Slaa - Chairman of the opposition, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo.
  • Zitto Kabwe - Director of Foreign Affairs for the opposition, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo.
  • John Mnyika - Director for Youth Affairs for the opposition Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo.

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