I. Separate language-independent contentEdit

(Separate layout, images, data, etc. from content that needs translation)

  • Templates are useful for this.
  • All this can have its own talk: page
    • NB: R-to-L langs and L-to-R langs can't always have identical layouts. Similarly for T-to-B langs.

II. Identify key languagesEdit

(Identify languages which are accessible to most translators as source languages; use them as a nexus for translation)

  • Distinguish "original content" from "source" for translation; original may not be in a key language.
  • Distinguish source for translation from "target content in key language"; sources for translation should be simple and free of idiom. A simplified english source for translation may not be the idiomatic english translation of the original.
  • Sources will some day need to be available in multiple key languages

III. Lazy translation for simple pagesEdit

(For simple pages, have a lazy top-down translation process)

  • Page P comes from a group writing in one language.
  • Discussion of content takes place on Talk:P
  • P is translated into key languages, then into target languages.
  • Version control is handled by checking the last timestamp on P (or the simplifies source used) and on the target translation.
    • At some point, work on the original can be frozen to let others catch up.

IV. Break complex pages into simple pagesEdit

  • Complex page Q gets content from people writing in a few languages.
  • Separate Q into single-language subparts; treat each part as in III., using templates.

[III.] and [IV.] are good ways to start. We will eventually need better version-control for pages whose timeliness and synchronization is most important; see [V.] below.

V. Unlazy Translation Edit

(Originals in many languages, single source for translation)

Especially needed for pages where content is being added to the same sections in many languages (like a multilingual news/stats page), in which case the above method won't work. Messy details hashed out on the talk page.