What makes a good post?


  • length -- all lengths are alright. be careful to split posts alongissue lines to make it easier to link to...


  • headline -- there's more than one way to do it! keep it short; having location and topic is important. humor is often useful...
  • lead-in -- context and mystery combined. intro context is inmportant; don't make it a compete mystery to people outside the country, include what local audiences all know.
  • intro -- never be afraid to tell what someone doesn't know to help understand. context can't be wrong... never a waste of space. a long intro to a short quote is fine.
  • updates -- you can update the rifrst, or write a second with a link from the original. If you're worried about libel, &c, go immediatly to regional editors, they may contact georgia or rachel. something libellous should be taken down immediately.


  • links to sources is good, in many ways
  • no reason not to link to one's own blogs; no need to be excessive, but drawing together of threads and arguments at more length could sit well with the posts of others on GV
  • linking to youtube, et al is fine. you're welcome to embed videos in the posts if they are citizen's video. if it's a disney cartoon, don't embed it; this is a citizen's site.


  • (see youtube not above)
  • Sameer: haven't systematically downloaded videos. I don't want to link to video or content that seems to endanger someone.
  • Georgia likes post with overly [freeform] relationship b/t text and media file
  • How to choose who to quote and how and to what extent?

Selection Rgional editors : how do they select?

  • Neha - whatever catchesa my eye are culled out; marked for later on. Then I read through those closely, and find the best to put into a post.
  • Nathan - much like Neha; it comes down to 10-20 that I really like; ther's not a lot of comm across the region. I especially lookfor things you won't find anywhere lse; interesting presonal, political relevant; whateveer it happens to be that day.
  • Amira - [RR - you have an enormous region.] 'The only thing I can do with a computer is switch it on.. .I don't know anything about aggregators, bloglines, that's all. I know how to write and read. so everything is manual; it takes a very very very long time. I have a lot of things bookmarked and just have to open them one by one, and just read... then I don't have a job, so - it tkaes 2 days to do all that. I try to be as objevtive as possible, and soemtimes there is a topic that really wrrants the whole topic; just that. So I try to find as many that I can which talk about that topoic, and tailor-make the article to fit it. Sometimes you can't help that. You don't have a topic. then I try to read as many blogs as I can. See Egypt [recently] with a lot of bloggers, sexual harassment issues; I tried to put them in th background; I don't want to seem biased to Egypt when there are 20 other countries. I woudl normally do more posts, but it's not physically possible. [Georgia - I'd love to help Amira! :) ]


  • Picture inclusion.
  • Transitions. Stylistic devices : bold, sub-headings

If you're bridging two topics, you could make one related to the second. Or talk in a vacuum - 'meanwhile back at the ranch'... I'm big on subheadings. Easier for the reader, also.

  • Short paragraphs read well.
  • Balance
  • Information links
  • Ending: ending quotes work great if close. end as soon as you can once you've captured the essence. Be sure to have a conclusion; don't just drop off and disappear.

Post types

  • single focus vs. conversations
  • overview posts of region; variety.


  • Humanisaiton, rel'nship with bloggers & interviews
  • Fun, Personality
  • impartiality/fairness.